Ireland low tax European environment an opportunity for all

In the space of a few years, Ireland has become the most sought-after destination for international entrepreneurs due to its highly incentivizing tax system

The local authorities, providing for foreign investors the minimum tax effort equal to an income tax rate of 12.5%, require in exchange, for the establishment of companies, small operational precautions in order not to conflict with the tax legislation of the country of origin and make it harmless at the same time
In particular, to set up a company in Ireland it is sufficient to provide for the appointment of an Irish resident director or alternatively the subscription of an insurance policy.

In addition to this extraordinary fiscal policy, further economic attraction is made up of the contributions relating to new industrial settlements especially for productive investments in advanced technologies.
Today in Ireland there are 1,200 large groups that export and this determines the opportunity to become suppliers of multinationals who want physical proximity to them.

The previous points demonstrate how this country presents strong chances even for small Italian investors.

The types of services that are considered most easily developed and convenient for the system are:

1) sales offices

2) brokerage firm

3) patent and royalty research and exploitation offices

4) treasury and finance offices

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