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Luca Angeli Bufalini

Dottore Commercialista e Revisore dei Conti


Financial consultancy for the distribution of bank loan and financial services

We recognise that today’s business manager needs to plan strategically in order to achieve specific goals and to maintain growth in the long term.
 The financial field is an integral part of the Bufalini Angeli Group, serving clients in the areas of financial planning and general financial advice.
These services are delivered on a totally confidential basis by professional, qualified accountants who work fully independently of the financial services industry..


The Practice operates directly in the U.K. considered the first country for international tax planning. Our professionals deal with - withholding taxes interest relief - capital gain - foreign income dividends - distributions - tax credits - transfer pricing - use of trading losses - offshore tax planning through trust Thanks to low fares to London and England have made the UK the ideal country to obtain competitive financial advantages.


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